U.S. Moving Trends and Costs 2024

U.S. Moving Trends and Costs 2024

Primary Moving Motivation: Affordability Generational Moving Patterns Popular States to Move To Average Moving Costs High Migration Areas Statistic Detail Top Reason for Moving Affordability (85%) Generational Intent to Move (2023) Gen Z (49%), Millennials (42%) Dream Destinations CA (11%), HI (9%), FL (9%) Average Cost of Local Move $1,250 Average Cost of Long-Distance Move … Continued

Who Buys Houses for Cash

Who Buys Houses for Cash? In the dynamic world of real estate, one question often surfaces: Who buys houses for cash? The answer lies with companies like Cash Out House, which have revolutionized the traditional approach to selling homes. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the process, benefits, and frequently asked questions surrounding the entities … Continued
what is home equity

What is Equity? Unlocking the Secrets of Home Equity

What is Equity? As a seasoned mortgage broker with years of experience in the industry, I’ve encountered numerous questions from homeowners and buyers about equity. One of the most common inquiries is, “What is equity, and what does that mean about my house or mortgage? Is it a bad thing?” To answer this comprehensively, let’s … Continued
home flip show by Tirrell Spruill

Home Flip Show

Author: Tirrell Spruill Title: Home Flip Show Home Flip Show As Tirrell Spruill, seasoned author and Owner of Cashouthouse.com LLC, I’m about to share a tale that’s as wild as a ride through a tornado in a tin shack. Picture this: December 2022, I stumbled upon a property sprawled across 16 lush acres, a jungle … Continued

Ignoring court order to sell house – Can a judge make me sell

Ignoring court order to sell house – Can a judge make me sell my house? The question of whether a judge can order you to sell your house if you are sued is complex and depends on several factors, including the nature of the lawsuit, the laws in your jurisdiction, and the specific circumstances of … Continued

How Long Does Foreclosure Take After Being Served Papers

Foreclosure is a legal process where a lender attempts to recover the balance of a loan from a borrower who has stopped making payments to the lender by forcing the sale of the asset used as the collateral for the loan. Here’s a breakdown of five common reasons why homeowners might face foreclosure: 1. Financial … Continued
top housing markets to buy in for 2024

Top Housing Markets for 2024 – Great For Investors and Homebuyers

Top Housing Markets for 2024 Expanding further on the 2024 National Housing Forecast by Realtor.com, we can delve into various aspects that shape the housing market, offering a more comprehensive understanding of the trends and factors influencing real estate dynamics in the United States. In-Depth Analysis of the Top Housing Markets for 2024: Factors Affecting … Continued

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Sell Your House Without a Realtor

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Sell Your House Without a Realtor Q1: Is it possible to sell my house without a realtor? A1: Absolutely! Many homeowners successfully sell their properties without the help of a realtor. You’ll be responsible for all aspects of the sale, from listing the house to negotiating the contract, but it … Continued
get a cash offer on house


5 REASONS YOU MAY NEED A CASH OFFER ON YOUR HOME This infographic visually encapsulates the top five pressing reasons why homeowners might find themselves in a situation where selling their property quickly becomes a priority. Set against a soothing gradient backdrop, each reason is accompanied by an intuitive icon to enhance immediate comprehension.
Sell my house to cash home buyer

Finding Relief in Hardship – Sell to a Cash Home Buyer

Sell to a Cash Home Buyer In times of hardship, selling your home quickly can provide much-needed relief and alleviate financial burdens. When faced with challenging circumstances, selling to a cash home buyer can be a viable solution. At Cash Out House, we understand the emotional and financial strain that hardships can bring. In this … Continued
sell my house before foreclosure

The Crucial Reasons to Sell Your Home Before Foreclosure Strikes

Facing foreclosure can be a daunting and stressful experience for any homeowner. The thought of losing your home, coupled with the negative impact on your credit, can create a sense of hopelessness. However, there’s a silver lining – selling your home before it goes into foreclosure. This proactive approach not only allows you to protect … Continued
Sell My House Fast Atlanta GA

How to sell my house as-is without fixing it up

How To Sell My House As-Is Without Repairing or Fixing It Up  You would like to sell your home, but you are hesitant to make any repairs or otherwise modernize it for various reasons. You may be asking yourself several questions, such as, “How do I sell my house as-is? How do I sell house … Continued
Sell My Land Fast Atlanta Myself

Sell My Land Fast Atlanta GA

How to Sell My Land Fast Atlanta When you’re looking to sell your land fast, you can do a few things to make it happen. First, you’ll want to research the current market value of your land. This will give you a good idea of how much you should be asking for your property. Once … Continued
Deed in Lieu

Should I File Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure On My House

What Do I Need to Know About a Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure?  Are you looking to sell house before foreclosure? Is there another option to consider when you can’t make your mortgage payments? When a borrower fails to make payments, they’ll face foreclosure, a process through which the lender repossesses the property. Borrowers can … Continued

Sell a House With a Mortgage | How to Sell My house

  Sell a House With a Mortgage on it The typical home mortgage has a term length between 15 and 30 years. However, many homeowners wish to sell their homes before the end of the loan term. While some of these individuals have been making extra payments and may have already paid off their mortgage, … Continued